How to choose your stylist

Wedding hair is more important than initially realised and therefore often highly overlooked! I wish i had a pound every time a last minute bride phones in a blind panic because they’ve already had hair trials at 4 different salons and their wedding is 3 weeks away... or less! Eeeeeeek!

Bridal hair is definitely a niche, and i think it gets overlooked because it is assumed that all hairdressers can do all things. There are such incredibly talented hairdressers out there, some who i am absolutely in awe of (!) but we all have our strengths and weaknesses right?! I am pretty sure that I could not cut or colour hair to the same precision and skill that others can. Which is why it is so important to find a stylist who is not only used to putting hair up every weekend that lasts until the wee hours, but who is also comfortable around brides and bridesmaids and all things ‘wedding prep’.

Just like each wedding, each bride is different too, meaning each wedding morning differs as well. Some mornings can be very quiet, calm, just a few people in the room, no loud music, a tranquil space for the bride to gather her thoughts and be pampered with her nearest and dearest before her upcoming nuptials. Some - on the other hand can be slightly fraught - lots of different people running in and out, all at different stages of getting ready themselves. Including lots of questions: “have you got Harrys braces?!” “how long does it take to get to the church?” “does anyone have any scissors?” “should i wear a thong?”. Of course most wedding mornings are somewhere in between, and although some may have similar elements to others, all are unique.

Which is where the reliable, experienced professional comes in. Someone who is used to the environment, be it a quiet haven or a mad dash. Someone who can recognise if the bride is feeling slightly nervous or may need a few giggles (or bubbles!) to relax. The hair is just one element to choosing your stylist, so choose wisely. Make sure you have a connection with them, make sure there is an element of trust in their ability. Make sure they are absolutely comfortable travelling to your location (often at an ungodly hour) to set up before they start, and all done with a smile!

Kate Beaumont