Here’s a bit about me:

At Hero Hairstylist, the cliche of outdated ‘bridal hair’ is long gone. I practice styling hair for women who want to be the BEST version of themselves (on a day that is also their wedding day..!)

I started Hero Hairstylist in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. Styling hair gives me incredible flexibility and creativity and I have met so many inspiring women from all walks of life. You may already be able to tell, but I absolutely adore my job and feel incredibly lucky doing something i am so passionate about.
I have been fortunate enough to style hundreds of brides on their wedding morning, which is always a complete honour. So many incredible memories and intimate moments witnessed! Understanding a shared vision, and connecting with my clients is something that is incredibly important to me. Creating a hairstyle to reflect personality and style and instilling an inner confidence in someone is an incredible feeling.

I also made the decision in 2018 to use only Cruelty Free products in my kit, as this is something I feel strongly about. Every little helps, and my products are stringently chosen for their ethical properties and practices. I also continue to maintain my level of skill and knowledge with new professional courses and events, ensuring I invest in myself and my business so you can too.

Drop me a line if you have any questions and I would be happy to help!


Kate xx